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Our Experienced Team and Staff

Name Qualification Experience
Site Manager Masters in Science 5 years
Geologist Bachelors in Geology 6 years
Drilling Technician IIT Drilling 21 years
Asst. Driller IIT Drilling 6 years
Pump Technician Hand Pump Technician 4 years
Mansion Building and Construction Technician 5 years
Drivers / Helpers (3) Diving skills and rig helpers 4 years

Our Site Manager Mr.Rajender brings a vast experience working in South Sudan since 2009, under his supervision there were number of boreholes drilled in Upper Nile State places such as Mauit, Pagok, Palochi for CARE International in 2009-2010. He also worked in Yambio,  Tumbura,  Nandi,  Mundri,  Maridi for CAFOD & IOM.

Our Senior Geologist Mr.Mose also has a lot  of  experience  in  South  Sudan worked  for  various  projects for CARE International, CAFOD, IOM, PLAN  South Sudan, etc.,for past  6  years.

He analyzes the water samples, gives the information to the drilling team and works on designing the construction.

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