Equipment & Machinery

RIVER NIGER FORAGE SARL Company has Three (3) brand new and well-conditioned drilling machines which are mounted on Ashok Leyland ten tyres which can access in the bush and also on the hilly regions with drilling rig and compressor with 1100-300 psi which are suitable for DTH(Down Through the Hole) combined with air pressure for drilling hard rocks and also we have Mud pump rotary drilling machines which are suitable for Clay and sand formations using water pressure are always there to fulfill our clients requirements and job processed quickly efficiently and in a professional manner.

RIVER NIGER FORAGE SARL has three brand new support trucks are all Ashok Leyland made, which can carry Casing pipes, overburden casings which we use them when the top layers are collapsing, gravel, aggregate, cement, fuel for drilling, hand pump installation materials, water tank and also carries a Mud Rotary machine which we use where the formation is loose soil.

Apart from trucks we also have 2 Landcruiser’s for any emergency services such as injuries; short site visits with in the proposed project area.

RIVER NIGER FORAGE SARL has a total of four trucks which can be sorted into two sets of machines.

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We are specialized in all aspects of water drilling and construction.